Kicking off the week we have our TCG and board game nights. If you are into collecting and trading cards or just feel like having a drink with your friends while battling over a game of Monopoly, this night is for you!


Throwback to the University days anyone? Starting at 8pm we have

our weekly Beer Pong Knockout Tournament. Teams of 2 battle head to head until 1 team stands victorious. Are you worthy to be crowned Beer Pong Champ?


TGIF Anyone?! Fridays at 8pm we have our weekly Karaoke Night. Whether you were born to sing or just love getting up and having a laugh, this is a night of pure fun. Just remember to shout "Banger!" at the start of every song!


Think you have a decent poker face? Whether you're new to poker or a well seasoned champ, come down and try your hand at Deep Stack Poker. 5:30pm start with no limit rebuys for the first hour. So come down and try your hand at our table and see if the chips are stacked in your favour.

No upcoming events at the moment