Racecentre operates Australia's Most Advanced Racing Simulation Centres!

We provide dynamic racing experiences for individuals and groups to race against each other in our custom built full-motion, triple surround screen and surround sound simulators. 

Our simulators are the most advanced in Australia, giving motorsport fans the opportunity to experience the thrills of racing in a controlled, safe environment.

We have worked with manufacturers to provide a ultra-realistic experience which is totally immersive, absorbing and fun. 

The result is something pretty spectacular – and as champion V8 Supercar Steve Johnson says – It’s as close as you can get to the real thing”. 

These simulators are high performance machines with accurate and authentic features including:

• Full-Motion: Allows the driver to feel acceleration, braking, cornering, ripple strips 
• Dolby Surround Sound: The feeling reverberates within the chassis, the driver’s seat and chest
• Triple Screens:  HD display modules wrapped around the visual field of the drivers
• Real-World Variables:  Including fuel usage, damage, tyre wear, grip and suspension settings


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Thursday: 4pm - 12am

Friday: 4pm -12am

Saturday: 2pm - 12am

Sunday: 2pm - 12am




Email: info@checkpointesports.com.au

Address: 3090 Surfers Paradise Blvd

Gold Coast QLD 4217

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